While going digital and switching to PACS, hospitals or imaging centers are often faced with either medical devices without DICOM connectivity or costly DICOM interfaces. ECO-CAPTURE provides a solution for this dilemma as it allows to capture medical images from sources that are unable to create and/or send DICOM compliant images.

Add on

ECO-CAPTURE is an optional add-on for ECO-VIEW PRO for capturing medical images from analog and digital video sources.


Depending on the video signals to be captured, you can choose between ECO-CAPTURE for VHS, S-VHS or composite video sources, and ECO-CAPTURE PRO for VGA, DVI, HDMI, RGB or analog gray video sources.


The captured images are transferred to ECO-VIEW PRO in order to match them with appropriate patient and study information and convert them into DICOM images.


It is possible to exactly configure the proper aspect ratio of the source image in order to create consistently captured data. There is a feature to define the area of interest if the medical images are smaller than the screen size.


Result images can be printed on Postscript compatible paper or film printers, sent to DICOM imagers of any brand, burned on CD, DVD or memory stick, sent by email or transferred automatically to any connected PACS.


The ECO-VIEW PRO software acts as a real DICOM modality and therefore emulates a digital device. Preview images may be seen live on the capture screen.